The Government has announced its intention to severely cut the Feed in Tariff to just 1.63p per unit generated commencing the 1st Jan 2016.  This is a reduction of 87%.   The government has stated that the reductions are necessary as the £7.6 billion budget for renewable's will be drastically overspent, and argues that solar and onshore wind should be able to largely support themselves.


On an average 4kw system that would generate approx 3300 units per year this would mean a feed in tariff of just £53.79 pa as opposed to the current FIT of 12.92p would deliver £426.32pa.  The feedback tariff would remain unchanged at £80.02pa.   At present the payback time is approx 7 years (assumes you use 50% of what you generate)but with the new tariff of 1.63p it would increase to 15 years.


If you are seriously considering having solar panels installed then NOW is the time to do it.  


This government has done this once before in autumn 2012 then the government  announced its intention to cut the tariff started from 12th of Dec 2012.   The government was taken to court and found that it had not done it legally and was forced to delay the cut to 31st March 2013.  I would suspect that it has learnt its lesson and not be caught in the same legal loop hole.  


There was a massive demand for solar panels on the run up to the dead line of 12th Dec such that it was virtually impossible to get panels, inverters and mounting systems.  Earthsolar had to turn away customers who wanted panels because the suppliers had run out of stock.    At present you can still select the brand of panels and inverters you would like.  This will change in the next couple of months and it will be a case of having what is in stock at the time.


The tariff will change to 12.47p per unit ((currently 12.92p)on 1st Oct 2015 The feedback tariff will remain at 4.85p


All new domestic installations must be in procession of an energy performance certificate of grade D or above. Earthsolar will arrange to have your house surveyed for free.



Price varies depending on type of panels and inverter chosen.  All include VAT, installation, extended inverter

warranty,  inverter portable monitor.  There are no hidden extra’s,  what we quote is what you pay.




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Your roof could be earning you up to £500 in cash payments to your bank per year


Plus you could be saving upto £230 on your electricity bill.


The Feed in Tariff Scheme is  index linked, + tax free


Solar panels are a permitted development and usually do not require planning permission


Earth Solar will pay for your Energy Performance Certificate


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